The tamale stor(y)


2009: The Tamale Store is Born

Like all great entrepreneurs, we once were a very clueless bunch. We are a family first and foremost, a family made up of dreamers and go getters. Truthfully, we were in it for our Mama. What Mama wants, Mama gets. So, we worked. We worked for The Tamale Store while attending school, paying for college, and beginning our own families and individual journeys. Each of us had our life goals set: an aspiring Doula, Human Rights Attorney, and Boxer.

Mom’s delicious tamales had other plans. Destiny stepped in and by popular demand, we had TONS of work on our hands. Mama Martha needed us more than ever, so we chose the path less traveled and focused on the family business, forgoing our individual plans and diving head first into a world of uncertainty and probable instability. FAMILY FIRST and we were in it to win it (*ahem* voted best Tamales 312 times, just sayin’). Thankfully, our wide eyed ambition won the fight and to this day, we get to (some days we’d say “have to”) work together daily. Because of you, our loyal tamale-lovers, we are able to serve our local community, create new products, and continue to build our empire one stack of masa at a time. We may joke that our tamales are “better than yo’ mama’s” but truthfully we all know nothing beats your mama’s cookin’. From a few of your local Latino entrepreneurs, we say THANK YOU and Buen Provecho!

Meet our Family

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The Game Changer

Martha Castillo

Martha Castillo was born in Mexico City, Martha knows authentic Mexican cuisine. From a very young age, Martha’s creative spirit gravitated towards the kitchen. Her passion for cooking grew deeply when she moved to the United States and realized that there was a real hunger for authentic healthy Mexican food. From that moment on, she set out to revolutionize the Mexican food industry. She has been working on that tiny little goal ever since. 

Interests:  Cooking, meditating, running, yoga, her kids, Mel Gibson, chips and salsa, reading, her crazy grandchildren, telenovelas, being awesome.



The Visionary

Pauline Pimienta

Was on her way to an Ivy League Law School when she realized that her passion in life was two things: her family and business. Luckily, she found out in time and is now working alongside her family to pursue her family’s goal of total tamale domination. 

Interests:  Marketing, music, playing hide and go seek with her daughter, big trucks, anything with chocolate, coffee, high heels,  reading, politics, debating, beer, debating about politics while drunk, Anderson Cooper, Mexican candy, being sarcastic, being awesome. 


The wisdom seeker

Maria Stanzak

Just like her parents, Maria  always had a passion for business. It was no surprise when straight out of college she opted to take over the accounting and marketing for The Tamale Store. Today, you can find her running the financial show at the store. 

Interests:  Her kids and sexy firefighter husband, strength training, music, yoga, healthy stuff, being a diva, thinking she's a psychic medium, crystals, and new age-y stuff.

The Millennial

Eddy Pimienta

(Not pictured because he's so handsome he doesn't want to make his family jealous with all of the attention he will receive)

Growing up with 3 older sisters wasn't easy. He'll probably say it made him the kind, light-hearted teddy bear he is today. Even though he's currently attending Northern Arizona University, Eddy has plans on always being a part of the family's business. That's good news for the family, since he's the smartest one!

Interests: Reading, lifting weights, memes, psychology, college chicks, working at farmer's markets, breakfast burritos, his nephews and nieces, his mommy.

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